Rick Stoes

Rick Stoes

rstoes@stoes.com | c: 575.650.6000

Rick Stoes has excelled in commercial construction and real estate since the age of 21. He first earned a commercial contractor license and then transitioned into brokerage, founding the Venture Real Estate & Development Corporation. During the past 25 years, Rick has become an accomplished broker, serving communities throughout Southern New Mexico and the City of El Paso.

Rick’s specialties range from retail tenant and landlord representation to site selection and build-to-suit facilitations. He has represented such national retailers as Home Depot, Sonic, Smiths Food & Drug,
KinkoĆ½s and Subway.

An experienced construction contractor, Rick offers his clients unique insight into every aspect of their real estate transactions, from site proposals to property development. He evaluates lot requirements,
utility specifications, completion schedules, building cost projections, and other facility-related issues. This expertise helps ensure exceptional counsel and results.

Whether brokering a 1500 square-foot fast-food franchise or a 55,000 square-foot supermarket, Rick is equally excited about every project he undertakes. His unique strengths coupled with enthusiasm contribute to his success.